Laurell Eden

Saturday August 21   5:40-6:10pm EST: MAIN RM.

3 Little Known Food Hacks That Kickstart Your Metabolism

Would you like to discover powerful food hacks so you can kickstart your metabolism now and lose weight for good without being hungry?  Laurell Eden has taught hundreds of people how to get healthy, lose up to 30 pounds in the first 10 weeks and lose weight for good.  Her clients eliminate sugar cravings and brain fog, improve their energy, and have eliminated blood pressure and diabetes medications.  Laurell is known as a pioneering whole-health weight loss coach for mind, body and spirit.  Her proven system combines cutting edge metabolism hacks with powerful mental reconditioning techniques that rewire the mind to desire real, healthy food.  She used the same hacks to lose 20 pounds and 2.25 inches on her waist in just 7 weeks.  Watch this groundbreaking live training so you can finally get healthy and lose weight once and for all.