Keith Seland-The Humaniverse Guide

LECTURE: Sunday Oct 9, 2:00pm, Rm Hall D

The Humaniverse Guide: Will ET Talk with Us?

Keith takes you on a parallel course to raise awareness, aligning humankind’s need to rediscover a holistic connection between each other, your environment and Biosphere I (planet Earth), with the need to begin planning a design model to address eventual 1st contact with extraterrestrial intelligences (ETI). As a species we have been historically reactive to important events, with the current pandemic as an example. For 1st contact we need to be proactive  in our thinking.   The passion, motivation and education Keith advocates in driving our civilization toward enduring global acknowledgement (EGA), and enduring global relationships (EGR) with ETI is supported and continues from his presentation appearances to his three book titles in ‘The Humaniverse Guide’ series and to his Facebook page and websites of the same name.