Julia Baly

Lecture: Sunday, June 5, 2:00pm  Gardiner Rm

Stress And its Impact On Your Body and Lifestyle

As a holistic health coach, Julia supports women and educators who are stressed, experiencing burnout and are struggling with emotional eating that impacts your overall health and wellbeing. We partner together to navigate up to 12 areas of your life. There is no one size that fits all and the healing process is complex; so, we work together to evaluate, assess and reassess to discover the best lifestyle for you that provides lasting sustainable transformation. Today’s lecture will entail a brief discussion on stress and its impact on your body and lifestyle. Followed by a complete health and wellness journey of your individual needs. This is an awareness session where you set a goal with daily intentions toward a healthier YOU! If you know you need a lifestyle transformation and don’t know where to start this session is for YOU!       Julia@JFinityHealth.com