Jen Isabel Friend

Saturday  August 21  7:00-7:20pm EST  Room #2

The Living Liquid Crystal

Explore the LIFE CHANGING magic, mystery & science of water. Transform your relationship to and understanding of THE SOURCE OF LIFE forever. Water is the most vital yet least understood substance on Earth. From times immemorial, scientists, philosophers and theologians have attempted to explain its phenomenal properties which lie beyond the common physical laws of nature. This workshop will draw upon the ancient insights of indigenous wisdom keepers, as well as such scientists and researchers as Viktor Schauberger, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Marcel Vogel, Dr. Rustum Roy, Theodor Schwenk, and more to reveal water’s mysterious nature in a practical, applicable way. These implications stretch far beyond the typical distinction of “clean vs. unclean” water, suggesting that water carries the answers to humanity’s toughest questions and can be used as a tool for our personal and collective evolution