Hun Ming Kwang

Everyday Magic for Practical Manifestations

The concepts of magic and consciousness itself remain to be an intriguing subject today. The highest form of magic is about manifesting something out of thin air. More often than not, people get drawn to these lofty ambitions without mastering their foundations. Without clear intentions and solid foundations, one can easily lose themselves in the process of that. What is the distinction between white and black? What is the distinction between gold and pearlescent? What are magic of the highest form of all good? Our ability to make things happen in life stems from our intentions, awareness and consciousness, fundamentally. How do we master our awareness and consciousness at an elevated level that serve us in our purpose and destiny? More importantly, our daily practical uses.

Hun Ming Kwang is a highly sought human catalyst, changemaker, and thought leader. As a globally recognized spiritual and inner work teacher, master healer, and ICF professional life coach, he has trained and helped over 10,000 individuals, including C-suite leaders and politicians to transform and attain a higher level of awareness to manifest their purpose and destiny. Initiated onto his path of mastery through long lineages of masters, healers, curanderos, shamans, high priests, lamas, and esoteric arts across globe, he is also a direct pupil and apprentice of Starr Fuentes and the keeper of the 13 Master Skulls in the world. As a miracle maker who had been documented for his work and renowned for his laser cutting edge abilities to get to the root of all things and connect individuals to Source, Ming Kwang brings with him the wealth of teachings and techniques, from modern psychological processes to ancient healing and shamanistic traditions, capable of healing chronic diseases and cancer, waking coma patients up, and alleviating sufferings of all kinds at physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual, and soul levels.