Gus Barni

Emotional Weight Release

 The Mostly Misguided Fitness and diet industry contributing to a 98% failure rate. Lose your innocence forever
create the new brain cell impression that over-ride the old brain cell impressions that have damaged, provoked, and corrupted the ability to release the excess fat weight. With a little bit of confidence and courage, we can honor, forgive and shift ourselves out of this epidemic. Your Greatest Wealth is Your Health (Mind, Body, and Spirit)

Mr. Barni suffered a near-death experience when he was a teenager. While crossing the street, he was hit by a big Chevy automobile being driven at approximately 50 mph. His body was tossed into the air over 50 feet and further than half a football field in length. He was scraped up by paramedics and taken to the hospital where a medical authority stated that only one in five typically survive such a brutal accident. He credits this incident and what happened to him as to his understanding of The Meaning of Life and the Importance of Ascension. Mr. Barni’s fascination and mastery of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and Energy Nutrition is the reason that the book  “Relationships: Functional vs. Dysfunctional” was written. As a humanitarian, he desires to improve all human being’s quality of life with excellent health, relationships that work, and increased levels of joy. The experiences that helped him to see on the other side of the veil have enabled him to more clearly differentiate what information is in line with a higher level of consciousness. This information can and should be used to enhance the human spirit and elevate the soul.

Mr. Barni is dedicated to finding holistic solutions to the drug addiction epidemic that has taken our country by storm and has left countless millions of people feeling hopeless and or worse. As recent as 4 years ago, Mr. Barni has been devoting a lot of his time to studying Vibrational Frequencies for Opioids, Alcoholism and Cocaine/Crack. Gus’s work has led him to understand how our electrical wiring and energetic fields work to either keep us healthy or to keep us in a state of dis-ease. Gus as of the last year has been putting together a comprehensive program so that people can succeed once and for all with the preventable illnesses known as obesity. By bringing a 5th-dimensional solution to a third-dimensional problem, many can now succeed where before they had failed. n