Frances Rhodis


Biohacking Your Home For Health And Vitality

Radically improve the overall quality of your life through a comprehensive lifestyle transformation, incorporating a unique elemental approach with complementary and holistic healing. Heal yourself, mind, body and spirit and create a sustainable home environment with lifestyle wellness expert and interior designer, Frances Rhodis. Frances offers specialized online wellness programs that provide the lasting results you desire on your road to healing. To have a complete lifestyle metamorphosis, Rhodis takes a holistic view, one centered on transforming your home into safe, healthy, beautiful spaces so your whole family can thrive. In this session you will learn: Using bio hacking tools for optimal health, managing external energy, and physical vitality, The importance of creating a natural, sustainable, and beautifully designed living and working environment What is low voltage and how it affects chronic illness How electrical and magnetic currents helps improve health and enhance recovery. Using Sound Healing and frequencies to change the energy of your environment.