Dr. Janine Kelly


Healthy Living in a Post COVID World

Covid has changed the way we work, how we live and how we interact. It has also made us more vigilant about our health. Now more than ever people are looking for other ways to heal, (chiropractic, yoga, massage and dry salt therapy) and Supplementation, exercise and overall well being are at the forefront.. You will hear what Dr. Kelly has learned from her personal experience with COVID, running a business, and closing a business and buying a business during covid. Learn how to foster a healthy business after the pandemic as well as nonmedical intervention relating to the aftermath of the COVID -19 virus and how to help resolve those symptoms (what we have in our practice facility)

Dr. Janine Kelly is a chiropractor, serving the Long Island community for over 25 years, and handles all types of conditions, Sciatica is her specialty as well as headaches, but sh doesn’t limit herself to those conditions. serving the Long Island community for over 25years. Her background includes a Bachelors in Physical Education, Biology, & Health & she has served as President of the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce.