Dr. Eric Kaplan

Saturday October 23   10:30-11:15am   Kips Bay Rm

Brain Coach Answers All Your Questions About Insomnia, Fatigue & Anxiety

Dr. Kaplan’s latest lecture will include how to lose 20 pounds in 20 days. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. You will also learn easy natural ways to help with your sleeping difficulties. We will discuss the Vagus Nerve  and how you can do brain exercises to get out of the fight or flight” mode and more into the “rest anddigest.” Lastly, Dr. Kaplan will discuss the secret to reducing anxiety and increasing energy!

Sunday Oct 24          1:30-2:15pm Kips Bay Rm

Breakthrough Research In The Prevention  Of Memory Loss  And Dementia

Do not let your loved ones become strangers to you. Getting older does not mean your memory will start to decline. There are many ways to improve your memory even as you age. During this talk, you will learn about the best ways to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Dr. Kaplan will teach you about the most researched natural protocols that will keepyour mind strong and improve your memory.