Dr. Douglas-Removing Pain Naturally

Removing Inflammation & Pain Naturally

You can do it!!! Take control of your health!  How to reach the optimum health and remove inflammation from the body by sacred natural remedies and harnessing natural herbs and biophoton energy, using  different modalities treatment s such as photobiomodulation, ozone therapy for soft tissue damage : -neck pain, back pain, knee pain, sciatic nerve, arthritis, TMJ, sport injuries, disc herniation.

Dr. Gouglas is also an acupuncturist using traditional Chinese medicine, herbal formulations and laser technologies, A licensed massage and neuromuscular therapist with a Masters degree in Oriental medicine. I use different modalities to treat chronic degenerative diseases with herbs, ozone therapy, low level laser, PEMF and micro currents, I also use unique scaler and cell resonant nutritional supplement to obtain homeostasis and balance in the body. One of my expertise is a very special strain of probiotic yogurt culture which completely reset your microbiome.