Dawn Marie Delahunt

Lecture: Sunday June 5, 6:00pm   Salon C

Awaken to your Gifts!! We are all Special,We are all Gifted!!

In this lecture you will find the only thing keeping you from expanding your intuitive abilities is your limiting beliefs.  Stop telling yourself “I CAN’T”!! CANCEL, CANCEL, Yes you CAN!!! You too can have your own direct relationship and connect with your Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, GOD of your understanding, Gods /Goddesses & More.   This Divine loving guidance is here for us all.   You can do this through Meditation, Automatic Writing, Angel Cards and Channeling and of course practice!!    You got this!!!

Dawn Marie Delahunt  AKA  Angel Eyes Dawn Marie  is an Spiritual Teacher,  Intuitive Development Coach and Mentor , Angelic Oracle and Psychic Medium.  Dawn’s signature gift is that she has a unique ability to inspire and awaken the innate intuitive gifts of others. Dawn does this through her  meditations, readings, certification courses, workshops , mentorship programs  and intuitive development classes.