996.Carole Ramsay: Clear The Path

LECTURE: Sunday, March 12, 11:00am Key Largo Rm.


    Carole will talk about the “energetic” changes going on, how we are being given new pathways, choices, opportunities for new beginnings. Dealing with the resistance in moving through changes, big or small, she will take you beyond this lifetime, disengage the cellular memory that no longer serves you, to “reconnect” to your Source for Higher Consciousness Living! (As you realign to who you truly are, you let go and heal.) Get ready to “clear your path!”  Q&A if time permits.

   Carole Aileo Ha’La Ramsay, Ba. Div., RTM, is a Spiritual Counselor, “Energy Expert”, born empath and is fully sentient – medium, healer, remote viewer, and more. Carole has helped many people find their own answers, becoming their own guru with mentorship.  She teaches Usui Reiki and other Energy transformative modalities; mentors Star Seeds and Pure Spirits experiencing their first human life.  Her expertise is with people experiencing major life changes. www.goddesstouh.net