Carla Gitto-Awakening The Violet Flame


Awaken the Violet Flame Within

Take back and re-ignite your Personal Power.  Violet Flame Healing meditation  and channeling.

Rev. Carla Gitto  Is a disciple and channeler of the Ascended Master, and the spiritual realm. Committed to leading  humanity and  Gaia in the ascension process.  She is a renowned energy healer and a teacher of the 8 week Violet Flame Journey under the direction of Master Saint Germaine., In January 2021 she was told by master St. Germaine to launch the first 8 week Violet flame journey  She is A full body trans-Chanel  like no other, having the gift  to speak light Language and Tongues she Chanel’s St Germaine Jesus Mother Mary, the Galaxic Federation, Lemurian council of light The Pleidians, Andramadons and more. Her students and clients receive Heart opening activation, that transcend time and space, Thru  Transmuting negative energy into higher vibrational frequencies. Removing blocks and stuck energy with immediate results grace and ease.