Barbara Canals

Saturday October 23, 5:30-6:15 pm  Kips Bay (VIRTUAL)


The New Time Energies Are Here! —Learn about our Planetary and Cosmic evolution.                                                                                                -Understand what the New Time Indigo, Crystal & Golden Energies (and Auras) are, why they are here and what it means for Humanity’s evolution. -Understand why embodiment is extremely important in these times, what is the Crystallization process that many are going through and how to become Crystal/have a Crystal Aura.  Learn how Aura Transformation is a Permanent Consciousness Upgrade of an Adults Aura, Energies and Radiance.

Barbara Canals works with the New Time Energies which are here to assist our Evolution.  These are High Vibrational Dynamic, Love-Intelligent and Balanced energies.  She transmits these energies through:

– AuraTransformation: In person process to Upgrade the person’s whole Energy System and land in a New Platform of Consciousness. This is a major beautiful method to Crystallise the Aura, the body and for Embodiment of Spirit/HigherSelf.

– Intuitive Energy Alignment: Online sessions where core outdated beliefs, issues and limitations are uncovered and transmuted, resulting in an expansion of consciousness, cellular activation, rewiring of the system and further wellbeing and balance.

– Group Energy Alignment Sessions: Group Divine Light Language sessions, where I open the space for the energy to flow to each one in the group. The energy knows where to go within the body and cells of each person. 

Her mission is to bring forth the New Time Energies to people that are ready to step into this Golden Age being fully responsible for their own energy, embodying their Spirit, expressing their Dharma/mission and living with Balance on All Levels.

Barbara Canals Energy Transmissions – Consciousness Activator & Energy Intuitive