Annette Thomas

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How Your Body Rebuilds Itself in Less Than 365 Days

How Your Body Rebuilds Itself in Less Than 365 Days(Famous Words by Dr. Sebi)Topics Covered by Annette L. Thomas Master Nutritional Herbalist Highlighting Genetics! 1. DNA-Renews it’s Self in about 2 Months2. Brain-It’s takes approximately about (1) Year3. Blood-Your Rebuilds It’s Self Within (4) Months4. Skin-It Takes About (1) Month to Rebuild It’s Self5. Liver-It’s Take about (2) Months to Rebuild 6. Stomach Lining-It Takes Anywhere Between 5-7 Days to Rebuild Summary and Final Thoughts A fact of the matter you can build your entire body in less than (2) years exercising properly and eating the plants-based foods in your daily routine. It’s encumbered upon each and individual to maintain optimal opportunities for your cells to rebuild themselves by eating, meditation, and by focusing upon the quality of life experiences thI’m Annette L. Thomas, a traditional herbalist, plus a natural practitioner. My love of plants came through the blood from my ancestors of the Caribbean. My natural healing journey started when I was 8 or 9 years old, I used to go over to my grandparents house for summers, and grandparents would always be drinking herbal teas, so I cannot forget to give them their credit for also planting my feet firmly on this path to say the least. On my mother’s side, my great grandmother was an bush-woman in Saint Croix West IndiesThrough a herbal apprenticeship program with Dr. Sebi, a famous world renowned herbalist-biochemists in the Nubian community. Further, I’m also the confounder of “The Ogun Herbal Research Institute of New York City with Dr. Sebi. My herbal research apprenticeship program started in the early 1980’s, and I completed the program in June 1985. For over 25 years I’ve operated a brick mortar store, and currently online store I’m also trained as a natural gourmet food chef/nutritionist at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City. I’m graduate of that school in 1993. My current areas of interest center around the practice of clinical herbalism, teaching herbal protocols, collecting information and books on all aspects of herbalism, manufacturing and distribution herbal compound products and the history of allopathic medicine. Over the years I’ve written numerous articles, pamphlets, and books on the subject of herbal health healing. My media experience is very extensive appearing on numerous talk radio, blogtalk radio, cab-television program’s and countless other mediums