Kelly Tallaksen

Lecture: Sunday June 5, 1:00pm

Gardiner Rm

Understanding How Your Life is Affected by the Thoughts and Feelings That Are Below Your Conscious Awareness


The parts of the mind that are not easily accessible contain perceptions about yourself, others and your environment which affect the way you navigate your life, your relationships and your life goals. Learn how you can access this part of your mind to change the thoughts and feelings that keep you stagnant and limited in your life so you can heal inner conflicts and reach your goals with less resistance.

Kelly Tallaksen is a board-certified hypnotist and hypnosis instructor, a two-time published author and has several published articles on the importance of spiritual health in the material world. Kelly is the owner of Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis and works with clients to help them reconnect to their true divine selves after being stuck in unconscious fears and unhealed emotional wounding.