Renowned healer and transformation catalyst Mas Sajady is taking part in the New Life Expo in New York City this March in an effort to continue his mission of helping as many people as possible elevate their lives.

His special abilities allow him to tap into a higher intelligence and share the knowledge of how to live a beautiful authentic life. Mas works at the core vibrational level to create dramatic life changes in health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. “Change your frequency, change your life,” Mas shares on a daily basis to tens of thousands of people worldwide through online and in-person meditation and healing events.

Mas creates these powerful changes for people because of unique abilities gifted to him after two life-altering near death experiences.

His first NDE occurred in his early twenties when he was crushed in an industrial accident while at work in a warehouse. Suddenly he realized he was looking down from above at his body, and he ascended to a higher plane. However it was not his time, and upon returning to the physical world he noticed immediate changes in his perception of reality. This first NDE gave him abilities to sense future events in the lives of others, and he could see the physical, mental and emotional issues within them. Mas then went on to spend the next twenty years building a successful business and becoming a father to 6 beautiful children, including two sets of twins. During a vacation to Belize with his family, his second near-death experience occurred. As they tubed down a river in the rainforest, he was sucked into an underwater cavern and pinned far below the surface. After fighting to escape for as long as he could he left his body yet again, ascending into a higher realm where he discovered being limitless. He connected with the timeless knowledge of the Universe, which he calls Exponential Intelligence or EI for short.

He awoke later on the rocks with no idea how he had gotten there. He had survived another journey beyond this world, and now had powers he could no longer deny; Mas can see the frequencies that make up bodies, minds and spirits, and can edit people’s personal vibration to help them tap into the energy that creates our world.

When people are connected with their core energy at such a deep level, they can access EI and transform their lives dramatically and instantly. Everyone is capable of achieving EI fulfillment on their own, but Mas empowers people to connect with these higher energies in a faster and more efficient manner. By working with him, people can be guided quickly to create a life in total alignment with who they really are so that they feel secure and powerful within themselves the abundance that’s naturally and rightfully yours.”

Mas shares his gifts with the world in many unique ways. He has a powerful meditation he calls Medi-Healing that combines the proven benefits of meditation with potent healing frequencies to change participants’ core vibrational blueprint, enabling them to transform their lives into 360 Degrees of Abundance. Medi-Healing can be experienced through his popular 21 Day Medi-Healing program, as well as the many other audio products available on his website. It can also be felt in person at any of his worldwide live events.

Mas emphasizes the importance of being totally self aware within one’s own body, and frequently shares the reminder to “notice what you notice.” He explains that appreciating the fine details within your body and surroundings accelerates your ability to transform your reality. He calls this full-spectrum transformation ‘360 Degrees of Abundance,’ and people swear that in as little as five minutes working with him their lives change forever.

Some Testimonials:

“So I just wanted to say that since Mas’ forum on business success in September, I have gotten an almost $90,000 raise,” raves 40 year old Naunie Maddox from Austin, Texas.

“Each time I listen to Mas’ podcast (Exponential Intelligence) I experience more disconnection from my pain body and go into higher realms,” reveals 26 year old Vaibhavi Patel from San Francisco, California.

“I was lying in the hospital immobilized with multiple fractures and found it (the 21 Day Medi-Healing) did help accelerate my healing process,” praises 44-year-old Dr. Jaqueline Hobbs from Somerset, United Kingdom.

“My once ‘dusty’ relationship with my wife has completely renewed itself,” exclaims 56-year-old Jay Wagner from Santa Barbara, California.

Mas gives the credit for these positive changes to the people themselves and explains, “We are all created with the instincts to be abundant in all ways. It’s our birthright. I just help reconnect you to For more information on Mas and his work, visit his website at and sign up for his newsletter to receive two free gifts.

Mas is coming to the NEWLIFE Expo in March 2016 as both a speaker and participant. Register for the Expo at