New Zealand, summer 1998. A rather distressed man is lying on my massage table completely unmoving. His eyes are tightly shut. An hour or so earlier he had phoned me, late on a Sunday night. “I need to see you. Can I come now? I have waves of energy running through my body. I feel sick. I don’t know what’s going on.” To be honest, I didn’t know either, but was trying to figure it out and help as best I could!

Then, from the man. “I can’t open my eyes. I’m looking out the windows of a spaceship. I can see the stars. I can see Earth.” I race to get pen and paper and for the next two hours write down everything he says as he describes the interior of the spacecraft and the strange looking beings he can see.

“There are weird symbols on the walls…like hieroglyphics, yet different…red, blue, gold. They say I’ve been brought here for an energy activation, so at the right time I can help the Earth.” Then, “They have a message for you, Judy. They say that your role is to RECODE THE DNA.” In 1998 I am a spiritual channel, a healer working in the human energy field. All I know about DNA is from high school biology class.

Fast forward to New Year’s Day 2002. I am told by my spiritual teachers that they have a message for me to deliver to the people gathered at a spiritual festival in New Zealand’s South Island. At 7 pm exactly I stand in front of the festival goers, who are assembled in the big marquee. I explain. I tell them that I am just going to trust and see what happens, but that I am told that as a spiritual channel I have a message to deliver. I feel nervous so I shut my eyes. I open my mouth to speak, but what comes out is a strange and very rapid language that I have never heard before and never spoken. I am shocked. I open my eyes and see that some of the people are crying, some are laughing and some cannot seem to move at all. I am told by Spirit and tell the people that the energy of the words is designed to activate them into a greater awareness of who they are on a soul level and to activate soul wisdom to come forth, to be used and expressed in their lives.

August 2010, Finger Lakes, upstate New York. I now live in the United States and I am sitting sipping a glass of merlot on the deck of the lake house, my home, gazing out across the lake. It is dusk. Suddenly I notice a large orb of light that seems to hover, stationary above the lake. It seems to be beaming its light straight at me. I stand up and walk to the deck rail. Energy comes from the orb of light and hits me in the throat. I almost fall over and begin to speak very rapid light language. By now I understand that there are many languages of light that are also energy, sound and vibration, and that these languages appear to create positive physical and emotional shifts for people. Standing there on the deck I begin to receive telepathic information. A voice tells me “he” is the commander of a spaceship and that “they” have come to me to prepare me to write a story…a story of the stars, a story of human evolution.

This book, “Sunshine Before the Dawn” was dictated to me word by word and paragraph by paragraph in 2011. The story is to help us remember who we really are and why we came to Earth. I’ll have books with me at the New Life Expo in March.

You see, this year, 2019, is a time of intense spiritual upgrade. As a human species we are being prepared to receive and assimilate physically and in consciousness Ascension energies that are streaming to Earth and will continue to accelerate and strengthen in 2020 and for 13 years to come, tapering off around 2033.

I now understand that Ascension is about the activation of more of the innate ability and potential that we all have as human beings. I now speak the energy words of new creation from Source to recode Human DNA, to activate a more expanded expression of self and soul. These days I know the words I am speaking and why I am speaking them.

I now know that my real work is about to start and that this involves speaking many multi-galactic Source languages that have different energy effects.

I now know that these languages are a language code of New Creation and that they are of Love. It is rather like a linear digital code of sound delivered as a rapid and strange sounding language creating an effect…a shift in the expression of another linear digital code within every cell of the body…that of human DNA.

I can’t prove it yet. There are no scientific studies or data. I only have the feedback and experience of the people who have listened to these words and used this energy in the past 22 years and their stories of the positive physical, emotional and cognitive changes they have personally experienced.

In the past three years I have recognized that to get the energy and Ascension information out to people easily and to make it affordable for people I must create an easy to use, well organized delivery system. The energy streaming to Earth is increasingly and accelerating rapidly. Time is of the essence. So, together with a digital production team based in Australia, I have created an online Ascension Library.

Access is 24/7 through your computer or hand-held device. You can activate a seven-day free trial and use many of the programs in the library at no charge. Ascension is not just a buzz word! It’s real. It’s true. It’s here.

I look forward to meeting you at the NEWLIFE EXPO, New York City, 22-25 March.