ASCENSION + CONTACT can bring evolutionary evolution where timelines merge and our quests as individuals and humanity can be resolved and unleashed further. This is the new phase for reality revolutionaries and evolutionaries, star-seeds and indigos, millenias and the new wave of ascension, spirituality and reality pioneers.

ASCENSION SYMPTOMS: Intense energy sensitivity, third eye activation, dreams, visions, prophesy, telepathy, precognition, time-slips, time-travelling, zero point technologies, PSI abilities, past and future life experiences, earth and humanity resonance, inter-dimensional awareness, contact, frequency sensitivity, divine mission awareness, kundalini activation, heart activation, soul tribe discovery, twin flame connection and increased synchs.

Rebalancing is essential as toxic programs are revealed and cleared. This can be intense if inner-space is not honoured for more balanced evolution. Here reviewing your own unhealthy and outdated conventional attachments is necessary. Genuine inner work, meditation, creative processes, conscious earth connections, sacred connections both power-sites and sacred inner space, skywatching and contact. Here you may become aware of greater vision of mission and purpose, earth and humanity. Here you may question superficial previous attachments and this overhauls your previous awareness, perception and reality. You may become more resourceful, more harmonised with evolutionary values and ideals of peace and equality. Ascension Initiation includes a deconstruction and rebuild of old self. This can be shocking or embraced. Again generous inner work eases ascension transitions.

Conventional sleep patterns overhaul as a potential new frontier of life force resource supports and enhances biology, DNA and energy systems in revolutionary new ways, emotional rebalance and overhaul, psychological evolution. Please note your life force activation and conscious practices and living will ensure you ease ascension initiation.

LAW OF EVOLUTION: We are gifted formidable miracles of healing and intelligence. Here we meet extraordinary new ascension journeys, life experiences, sacred love, sacred destiny, inter-dimensions and contact. Here you experience timebends and stunning synchs. This level of new evolution reveals highest good, sacred intelligence and education that revolutionises who we are and what reality can be. This is genuinely embodiednot misfired in what we claim to superficially know or imitate.

LAW OF CONTACT: We can initiate and progress evolution to experience higher intelligence. How we consciously increase evolution, ascension and contact. Here we enter genuine ascension that can be accelerated. We do not misinterpret who we are in false perspectives, initiations and low frequency. Instead we choose to listen to our sacred destiny and deep- respect. This unlocks unprecedented light and resource.


We must first resolve outstanding contracts and wounds. This entails careful listening, acknowledgement and healing. There is no other way to overhaul your frequency and time-line despite what you have been led to believe in mainstream superficial spirituality. Dedicated, deeply embodied inner-work processes is essential. This takes us into reviewing conventional spiritual and transformational processes.

SACRED EVOLUTION + STAR-GATES: Here you heal in the purpose of completion: weaving wounds and dreams, time-lines and dimensions. You progress the ascension process by working with wisdom-keepers of sacred evolution. You can progress the ascension process by working with star-gates and sacred-sites. Stargates are revolutionary ascension and time-lines technologies designed to assist the quantum evolutionary jump right now.

SACRED RESONANCE: Our resonance is generated and mirrored in our reality. Unresolved wound results in compromised frequency and wound resonance contracts. Genuine sacred resonance gifts access to new sacred intelligence, new ascension dimensions, new journeys, new timelines and twin-flame contracts. This is Highest Ascension Initiation. You restore life force and The Weave that initiates true ascension, unprecedented contact and sacred reality. Conventional learning methods are often unreliable, inconsistent and redundant. These are the signposts to trust. We move into the unknown.

INCREASED AWARENESS: We are being sacred called to acknowledge our superficial stories and false attachments as individuals and humanity. When we finally heal and surrender unremarkable stories then we finally initiate beyond empty stereotypes and superficial values to fully embody sacred. World evolves. Even in our spirituality arena, what we superficially know and