11:00am-11:45amMary GraceYogaBallroom Lobby
11:00am-11:45amNancy JavarasDetox Your Liver & Heal Your Body!Salon C
11:00am-11:45amRichard SchickelHow to be a Secret Psychic in Your Daily LifeFire Island Rm
11:00am-11:45amPhil WilsonHealing Power & Spiritual Benefits of Far Infrared SaunasGardiner Rm
12:00pm-12:45pmIlene ReichmanProtect Yourself From 5G: Prevent Your Cellphone From Harming YouGardiner Rm
12:00pm-12:45pmKat JamesTurn On Your Body's CompassSalon C
12:00pm-12:45pmDavid YoungA Portal Between Heaven and Earth double flute meditation & LectureFire Island Rm
1:00PM-1:45pmStephanir CosantinoKundalini YogaBallroom Lobbu
1:00PM-1:45pmJacob CooperLife After BreathSalon A
1:00PM-1:45pmAlison MontgomeryBreak Through Anxiety: 3 Keys to Inner PeaceFire Island Rm
1:00PM-1:45pmKelly TalleksenUnderstanding How Your Life is Affected by the Thoughts and Feelings That Are Below Your Conscious AwarenessGardiner Rm
2:00pm-2:45pmTammy AdamsResurrecting Your Life Purpose!Salon A
2:00pm-2:45pmDr. James OnnikianHealing Potential Of LightFire Island Rm
2:00pm-2:45pmJulia BalyStress And its Impact On Your Body and LifestyleGardiner Rm
3:00pm-3:45pmMicheline DebonoGentle Yoga FlowBallroom Lobby
3:00pm-3:45pmPriestess Ellen PellegrinoLiving In The Age Of AquariusSalon C
3:00pm-3:45pmCarolyn MarinAll Disease Begins In The GutFire Island Rm
3:00pm-3:45pmDr. William Bezman & Judith GrantAP INTO THE POWER OF YOUR BRAIN & THE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL TO HEALGardiner Rm
3:00pm-4:30pmDonna McGrathFree Workshop: Miracles of Total Body HealingSalon A
4:00PM-4:45PMDr. Jacob PapeWhat You Need to Know About Doing the Ketogenic DietFire Island Rm
4:00PM-4:45PMLJ The MediumLife 2.0 Is Waiting For You!! Struggles are real but so are blessings!Gardiner Rm
4:00PM-4:45PMMark BeckerYoga Class-Learn How To Maximize Your Postures Without InjuryBallroom Lobby
4:00PM-4:45PMIngrid JollyThe Key to Divine EvolutionSalon C
5:00pm-5:45pmGoddess panelWith Priestess Ellen Pellegrino. Asialee, Dawn Marie, Yoco, Koleurz, Priscella Arena
Salon A
5:00pm-5:45pmBob WheelerBIOTEKT- BIO-ARCHITECTURE: The FUTURE of HousingFire Island rm
5:00pm-5:45pmSusan StarrThe Two Most Important Days of Your Life are ‘The Day You were Born’ & ‘The Day You Find Out Why’!Gardiner Rm
5:00pm-5:45pmFiz AnthonyrThe Power of Music VisualizationSalon C
6:00pm-6:45pmDawn marie DelahuntAwaken to your Gifts!! We are all Special,We are all Gifted!!Salon C
6:00pm-6:45pmMark BrinkerhoffOmniversal Symbol Ascension ProtocolFire Island Rm
6:00pm-6:45pmNoreen GaltThe AWAKENED MAN: How To Trust Your Spiritual World & Navigate Your Physical WorldGardiner Rm