NEWLIFE Expo’s Lineup of Speakers

On March 16-18, 2018 at The Hotel New Yorker we are honored to present to you some of the most sought after experts in  health, wellness, enlightenment, metaphysics and spirituality.  These individuals will be presenting on many amazing subjects all geared to enhance your life!

NEWLIFE Expo will have a vast array of free lectures, performances, and expert panels.  When you register, be sure to participate in the amazing lineup of workshops.  This year’s expo will have more to offer than ever before.  Don’t miss it!

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Alan Steinfeld

The World As We Know It Is Shifting Its Frequencies

Our minds are opening to wider and wilder possibilities. We must learn to bend the nature of time and the nature of reality, as we evolve into the 5th dimension. That means freeing ourselves from the past and stepping off the old timeline and becoming something new, unknown and not yet conceived. Alan is the host of the awesome cable tv show "new realities".

Amos Snider

Kundalini Journey

Saturday 7pm

Amos discusses the definition of Kundalini and his extraordinary experience and kundalini awakening, the ensuing dark night of the soul,jumping over hurdles and the awards of hard work and perseverance and his passion to help those with Kundalini awakening. Learn about the global shift of the collective consciousness and the link between the awakened kundalini and the great connection to the infinite creative aspects of the Creator/God, Experience a group meditative journey with a virtual prayer and shared vision tailored to the group

Antoine Chevalier

Coming Soon...

Audrey Light Language

Sacred Key Holder

Friday 7pm

Through smoke and mirrors of illusion beyond matrix labyrinths from false magic to True Magic Channeling Source bringing Knowledge and Help in these times. I Am of first wave of Creation originating Beyond the Beyond bringing Keys that unlock Codes to move you through the smoke and mirrors as they wipe clean your filters as Channeled numerical series keys and languages Reignite you to the Glory of that which You are. Contact for Private or group sessions

B. William Downs

What Causes All Chronic Diseases… And A Health Solution?

Friday 7pm A reduced ability to use oxygen and water is the primary feature of chronic degenerative diseases. Health is dependent on your cells’ ability to use oxygen and water to make energy, manage energy, and eliminate wastes, aka ‘metabolism’. The inability to use oxygen and water is anaerobic metabolism or ‘increased acid burden’. Learn how energetically- enhanced Prodovite supplies the nutraceutical resources to restore the cellular ability to use oxygen and water in less than 5 minutes from intake, promoting healthy aerobic (alkaline) metabolism.

A Scientific Breakthrough Of How Enzymes Benefit Metabolism And Life

Saturday 6pm When you eat plant sugar, your body converts it to tissue sugar. When you eat plant protein, your body converts it to tissue protein. When you consume plant or fungal enzymes, your body can convert them into whatever forms are required to meet the priorities of metabolic needs. Attend this presentation to hear published research on the startling benefits of a proprietary KD120 Multi-Enzyme Complex.

Ben Johnson & Schwarz Lindai

Natural Mold Removal And Spore Elimination With Essential Oils

Saturday 11am & Sunday 5pm

Mold is considered a hazard to the utmost degree. Mold is a fungus that spreads and travels by spores. Spores are microorganisms that require a constant food source, moisture and oxygen. Mildew is a surface fungal growth which needs gentle cleaning. Whereas, mold is a more chronic, severe case needing remediation. During this lecture, one will learn that there are specific essential oils, by YOUNG LIVING ®, that remove mold and mildew.

Dr. Benjamin Lane

Foods For Better Vision

Saturday 5pm Herald Square

What veggies, vites, minerals and enzymes are good for your eyes? What are the best foods and lifestyle choices? Too much vitamin C? Not enough B? “Once patients start enhancing their nutrition, their visual field testing improves, Dr Lane reports: His mantra, “Get tested”. Dr. Lane is considered a pioneer of Ocular Nutrition regarding Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, Dry eyes, Tired eyes and Floaters for Real Improvement of Eye Problems

Brenda Cobb

How I Healed Cancer Naturally - Sat 2pm

In 1999 I was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer and told I would die in six months if I did not do surgery chemo and radiation. I refused those medical treatments and in six months I was completely healed. I did it with organic raw and living foods, cleansing and emotional healing. Come learn what to do right now to stay well or to heal yourself!

Your Body Will Heal When You Give It What It Needs - Sun 3pm

Don’t be a victim of poor health. Learn how to prevent any illness and stay healthy for a lifetime. You can slow the aging process so you look and feel years younger, but first you must know what your body needs. Brenda Cobb healed breast and cervical cancer in 1999 without surgery, chemo or radiation and has developed programs to heal all types of diseases naturally including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, depression and more.

Catherine Athans

What Is Your Truth?

Lecture Saturday 3pm & Workshop Sunday 3pm

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the Truth. — Buddha. My desire to know Truth has led me to the deepest places in my soul and sometimes to a gut-wrenching darkness. Through my personal journeys I learned to have a profound compassion and respect for the human spirit. My quest has led me to study and be with those who practice a reverent seeking and teaching—from seekers of wisdom to professors of science; from world leaders to tribal chiefs; from kahunas to professors of medicine and the clergy. The wonders that occur by allowing Truth to take over are like the brilliant fireworks on Independence Day. This process of “allowing” starts chain reactions of energy within the self and the soul, which then create openings where once there were walls. As I worked with my personal clients and helped them know the difference Truth and Lie as it applies in their lives, I became compelled to make the same available to all who wish to seek.

Celeste Appel & Tracey Kennedy

How to Learn From Past Lives

Learn how to recognize and heal past-life experiences that are negatively affecting your mental, emotional, and physical health today. The Unarius Educational Foundation has pioneered past-life therapy since 1954, empowering thousands of people to change their lives for the better. Hear first-hand examples of how this self-healing science can help you develop your higher consciousness to become more creative, clairvoyant, and peace-filled.

Celeste Appel and Tracey Kennedy are teachers/speakers for Unarius and have experienced many positive changes in their lives through past-life therapy.

Chris Macklin

What’s Going On In The World

A question many of us ponder throughout our lives is the origin of mankind.How did we get here, where did we come from?  Take a look into Creator Gods and Sacred Geometry of Communication. It seems that we are surrounded by forces of negativity at times, what is it that we are experiencing? Why are people in so much fear? Where is it all coming from?  And what about our World leaders – how are they all connected?  How do Manipulations affect Dowsing & Intuition? What is Time Space Continuum?

Divine Healing Experience

Enter the God space and experience the power of Divine Healing with renowned British healer Christopher Macklin. Prior to the group healing, Christopher will explain how Divine Healing works, how Angelic Beings assist him with Esoteric Operations, how he utilizes Tachyon energy, and how negative energies, earthbound spirits, and manipulations can affect one’s health. He will also show you how to keep your vibrational level up, and how to re-energize your food to maximize its nutritional value. All attendees will receive Christopher’s powerful healing from the ultimate dimension.

Dana Micucci

Discover the Healing Power of Sacred Sites.

Award-winning author and healer Dana Micucci has been traveling to sacred sites around the world for many years, tapping into the high-voltage light and ancient esoteric wisdom they hold. Join Dana on a fascinating journey to some of the world’s most sacred sites, pulsating with healing energy and built at powerful energetic vortexes to raise the vibration of all who come into contact with them. Learn how to travel to sacred sites to ignite healing, increase your light quotient, and further activate your divine blueprint.

David Reynolds & Kevin Kennedy

Coming Soon...

David Reynolds & Kevin Kennedy

Tesla and Free Energy

Nikola Tesla, cosmic visionary and brilliant scientist, foresaw the need for a nonpolluting, limitless wireless energy system for planet Earth. Tesla technology can end our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power, and mitigate global warming, by joining science and spirit in this new Aquarian Age. Watch a live Tesla coil demonstration and explore how Tesla’s vision can become a reality! David Reynolds and Kevin Kennedy, teachers/speakers for the Unarius Educational Foundation, have given numerous lectures and interviews on Tesla technology and inter-dimensional physics.



Deborah Graham

Psychic Medium

Sunday 4pm With over 20 years experience as a spiritualist, reader, and psychic medium, internationally known from TV show on TLC, Sirius XM radio and author of ‘Get Your Head Out Of Your App’, Deborah Graham will show you how to raise own vibration and help you solve all affairs in life. Deborah Graham is a psychic, having her earliest premonitions at the age of six. These would later manifest as visions. Graham developed her gifts and learned to understand the meanings of what she could see.

Manifesting It & Making It Happen

Friday 7pm Psychic medium, TV personality Deborah Graham, The Intuitive Relationship Expert wants you to manifest it and make it happen. If you have lately been feeling that you have no direction in life, Graham is going to help you find life’s purpose. Graham will show you how to create a new space using your own intuitiveness. Whether you are looking for love, life’s purpose or just searching, this lecture will help you and show you how

Connecting With Your Guides & Learning Your Possibilities

Saturday 3pm Psychic medium, TV personality, Relationship Expert,Deborah Graham, is going to show you how to connect with your guides and learn your own possibilities. Whether you are dealing with career, love, relationships, this lecture will help you realize your own psychic abilities and help you reach your goals. Using your guides and angels, Graham will help you learn how to connect with a higher level of your own consciousness and block out all the negativity.

Dr. Asma Muzaffar, D.d.s.

Self Hypnosis at the Dentist’s Office

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness characterized by trance state. A trance state is something we go in and out of every day. Staring at a beautiful piece of art, may have you zone out of your external surroundings and tune you into your own inner awareness of an external object.Hypnosis is identified by an increase absorption and a decrease in external awareness. In this lecture, I will introduce you to Self Hypnosis so you may seek dentist with training in Hypnosis by American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.Asma  

Dr. Luke Cua

Self-care by Acupressure, Nano Herbs and Nano Vita Water

Sat 3pm Dr. Luke will reveal the health secrets of his past generations. This includes an anti-aging method from Traditional Chinese Medicine. These secrets will rejuvenate your health by restoring your body’s balance and harmony. Within a short time, your revitalized state should become apparent with marked improvement in your facial appearance, physical strength and emotional well-being. Luke Cua is an as known as doctors’ doctor, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Herbalist.

Dr. Tsu-tsair Chi

"Fingernail, Tongue and Physical Markers of Hormone, Heart and Cancer Issues”   Lecture: Sat 2PM

Dr. Chi is the world-renowned expert on fingernail and tongue analysis. Find out which physical markers indicate estrogen dominance, heart disease and cancer. Also learn how to reduce your risk naturally with herbal supplements like Myomin for reducing estradiol and increasing testosterone, Vein Lite for circulation and heart problems and reducing homocysteine, OxyPower for reducing C-reactive protein/inflammation and improving cardiac function and Angiostop for angiogenesis inhibition and apoptosis. Dr. Chi is a naturopath and has a PhD in biochemistry from Rutgers University.

Ilene Reichman

VANQUISHING STRESS: ACHIEVING BALANCE IN BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT We live and work in an environment of sickness, anger and uncertainty, often needing to self-medicate with drugs, alcohol or food to maintain a minimum level of happiness and fulfillment. Ilene Cohn Reichman, lawyer, nutritionist and certified JMT personal development coach, speaker and trainer, will conduct a workshop showing you how to break this cycle and find wellness, balance and joy in a purpose - driven life. or call (516) 316-3987

Dr Eric Kaplan

Breakthrough Research In The Prevention Of Memory Loss And Dementia

Saturday 3pm Do not let your loved ones become strangers to you. Getting older does not mean your memory will start to decline. There are many ways to improve your memory even as you age. During this talk, you will learn about the best ways to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Kaplan will teach you about the most researched natural protocols that will keep your mind strong and improve your memory.

Do You Have Adrenal Fatigue, Anxiety, Or Have Troubles With Sleep Or Weight Loss?

Sunday 3pm Dr. Kaplan’s latest lecture will include how to lose 20 pounds in 20 days. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. You will also learn easy natural ways to help with your sleeping difficulties. We will discuss the Vagus Nerve and how you can do brain exercises to get out of the “fight or flight” mode and more into the “rest and digest.” Lastly, Dr. Kaplan will discuss the secret to reducing anxiety and increasing energy!

Gail Thackray

Cutting Negative Relationship Cords

Friday 7pm We create cords with anyone significant in our life. These can be good cords but they can also be negative. A difficult relationship of any nature is a sign of negative cords that have anchored and attached and can make you quite sick. Sometimes good cords can get strangled by negative black cords which cause distrust, jealously, fear and anger in our relationships. Sometimes cords are attached to old negative patterns which cause career problems and financial issues. Cords can hold us to our past and can even be rooted in past lives. Gail is a psychic medium who is able to not only see these cords but dissolve and remove them bringing healing in your relationships and release from the past. Discover cords that are holding you back. Releasing negative cords can cause impressive results. Learn cutting cord techniques healers can do on their clients or you can use on yourself and your loved ones. Gail will perform cutting cords for everyone. VIPs will sit in the front rows and will receive an individual cord cutting from Gail.

Spiritual Healers Around The World

Saturday 6pm Gail shares her experiences with John of God, Filipino Psychic Surgeons, Ketut-Bali & other amazing healers. Gail’s an exceptional healer herself. Trained with Psychic Surgeons and shamans. She’ll demonstrate healing on audience volunteers. Many report miraculous healing/life changing experiences just from attending her events. Medical intuitive and medium, she will connect you directly to the energy of the enlightened beings that work through hers. All attendees receive a free small Blessed Crystal.

Guides, Angels & Power Animals

Sunday 1pm Angels, guides, power animals & healing spirits. Learn to communicate, to invoke them & ask for assistance. Meet your main guides. Receive tools to communicate with them though objects and signals. Develop your psychic language, get yes/no answers and detailed direction. Travel to the underworld, meet your power animal, and invoke animal medicine for healing and readings. How to call in guides for specific task and the best way to contact guides for healing others.

Calculate Trauma Dates To Heal Yourself & Others

Sunday 3pm Learn to pin point actual dates when an energy block or karmic issue first started for you or your client. Sometimes issues start in our early childhood, sometimes we are not consciously aware of them and some actually start in past lives. These affect us for many lifetimes until we finally absorb the lesson and release the karma. Determining the starting point helps you to understand the origin and receive a permanent release. This workshop is for people already doing healing work as well as total beginners. You will learn to become a medical intuitive and read energy. Learn to feel and sense energy blocks and to read the messages that they hold for your client. Then learn to communicate with healing guides to determine when and how these blocks were first formed. You will be working with a pendulum time line grid and communication cards. For professional psychics and readers this is a tool that your clients will love. All attendees with receive an individual psychic opening attunement to become a medical intuitive and receive messages from spirit.

Past Life Therapy Certification, Heal Yourself & Other

Monday 6pm Learn how to take yourself and your clients into a past life quickly and easily. Go to specific lives that still carry charged energy or negative karma that is affecting your life today and learn how to work through guides to clear these energies. Release negative relationship patterns and heal current relationships. Find your hidden fears and blocks that are causing financial and career issues today. Bring through your talents and abilities that you learned in previous lives that you are not fully using. Pin point actual dates when an energy block or karmic issue first started for you or your client. Sometimes issues start in our early childhood, sometimes we are not consciously aware of them and some actually start in past lives. This workshop is for people already doing healing work who want to incorporate past life therapy as well as total beginners. For professional psychics and healers this is a tool that your clients will love. All attendees with receive an individual psychic opening attunement Receive a Past Live therapy Certification

Gary Gli

Imagination Experience

Saturday 5pm

Learn easy to use principles to govern a freeform chi gong and metaphysical healing practice. Fun, simple and effective. Don’t miss out! Gary Gli is a Martial Arts Master, 9x certified Strength and Conditioning Guru, Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor who has educated professional fighters, world-class athletes and countless laypeople in a 40 year career. He founded Conscious Movement Inc. in 1987 dedicated to fulfillment of human potential and realization of spiritual nature.

Dr. George Love

Qi Dance

Sat 8pm Sutton Place Qi Dance is performed rhythmically coordinated with breath and heart beats. QI DANCING are Blue Dragon Medical Qigong exercises speeded up to music to make it easier to learn and have fun doing Qigong. We have 8 Dances including Taichi Pole Dance, Tea Cup, Anatomy drumming, Flying Buddha, Liver, Heart and E.R. Dance. Each Dance targets specific meridians, organs and muscles that support healthy body, mind and spirit.

Massage Your Ears To Health With Auricular Reflexology

Sunday 11am Skytop Lounge Use your Ears to treat the body by stimulating the Qi in your blood. Every drop of blood goes through your ear every hour. The best way to stimulate your blood is through the ear. There are four methods to treat your Ears with Reflexology 1.Ear Massage with fingers, 2.Ear Acu-pressure with teishin probe, 3.Ear Acu-magnets and 4.Auricular Electro-therapy. The easiest way to Self-heal your body every day is learn and practice Ear Reflexology!



Sunday 5pm & Saturday 12pm

Imagine visiting and communicating with your loved ones, who have passed away, any time you wish! You absolutely can! Discover how you can easily be face to face with your Spirit Guides on the Other Side to learn valuable information about your life, your path, and your future! Learn how you can easily be healed by visiting the Other Side. Geozuwa continues to guide countless clients and students to the Other Side and back with miraculous results on every level!


Friday 8pm

Discover techniques to guarantee lucid dreaming. Learn how to create and manifest your intentions through powerful dream control. Heal your mind, body, and Soul through lucid dreaming. You will discover all of the secrets to instantly create the change you desire in your life while you are asleep! Dream control is a perfect spring board to many metaphysical experiences including Astral travel with conscious awareness! You will love learning the excitement and infinite possibilities of lucid dreaming, and flying in your sleep every night!


Sunday 5pm

You will be guided to the deepest states of hypnosis with powerful, proven, and effective healing suggestions, in two distinct sessions. First you will be guided to eliminate any obstacles, on every level, that were preventing you from realizing your infinite potential to create. In the second session you will be programmed to easily and instantly tap into the purest creative force of the Universe! You will be able to effortlessly channel the infinite energy of creation to manifest your intentions to materialize into the physical reality! Discover how you can continue to easily attract/create money and wealth into your life frequently with perfect health, joy, happiness, love, strength, and confidence! You deserve to enjoy life to the fullest - Now is your time to be your own genie and powerfully create your perfect reality!

Dr. Grayzna Pajunen

Breakthrough In Anti-Aging – Natural Cartilage Regeneration And Wrinkle Removal

Saturday 6pm & Sunday 4pm No pain or wrinkles without surgeries, medications or injections. Come learn about Liquid BioCell Collagen and Jusuru, a liquid nutraceutical with a patented primary ingredient called Liquid BioCell Collagen. Jusuru is natural with no additives and preservatives. It is 100% bio-available, highly effective, and safe. This is the only source of collagen and hyaluronic acid that our body recognizes and utilizes as our own. Grazyna Pajunen has a Ph.D. and has 25 years of experience in biomedical research at UCLA and FAU

Dr. Hal Blatman, M.d.

Pain - Where Does It Really Come From And How To Make It Go Away Without Drugs

Friday 7pm Hal S Blatman MD is a nationally recognized specialist in treating myofascial pain, and coauthor of “Winters Guide to Pain Relief.” No one should have to wake up with a headache every day or struggle to manage pain with only drugs and coping skills. Today there is real medical treatment and help to find and heal your body from the injuries of your lifetime and make the pain go away.

Regenerative Medicine - Avoid Surgery And Get Out Of Pain

Saturday 1pm Treatment Of The Future Is Here Today. Hal S Blatman MD, nationally recognized for treating pain, has 25 years of experience with regenerative medicine. Using platelet rich plasm, stem cells and nutrition this treatment can help many people with bone on bone joints repair worn cartilage and avoid joint replacement surgery. Treatment can also help repair rotator cuff tendons, lungs from COPD, heart failure, hair loss, pelvic pain, urinary stress incontinence, and sexual dysfunction in men and women.

Hanson Tse

Unveiling the Greater You: A Divinely Channeled Healing

Saturday 1pm Release the things that hold you back in life be they traumas, unresolved past life issues, karmic ties, "negative emotions" and beliefs, relationships, and much more. This beautiful and relaxing process allows the truer you to come in and shine through, leaving you truly transformed. Graduating from Vassar College in Psychology, Hanson set to learn the truth about life through philosophical observation and scientific mindset. He could not imagine the depths he would unveil and ultimately embody.

Meeting The Masters

Sunday 4pm Hanson's unique connection to the Divine allows him to bring through energetic transmissions of various Ascended Masters. Past Masters and Deities who have come through include the Medicine Buddha, Kwan Yin, Ganesha, and Jesus Christ. Who will come through this time? Hanson is a Wisdom Teacher, Healer and the developer of WAMBI Exploration™, a Philosophy and Practice of Everything. While he is known for his extraordinarily healing abilities, they are merely the natural byproduct of this practice. Graduating from Vassar College in Psychology, Hanson set to learn the truth about life through philosophical observation and scientific mindset.

Ingrid Jolly

From Light Worker To Light Liberator

Saturday 11am

Embark on a journey of “Light Body Empowerment” to change this world magically from within the vastness of our own “Inner Magnificent Being of Light”. Learn how to embody more light to let your “Divine Flame” shine bright to help change this world into a better one while holding your focus during chaos and strife. Journey from the world of thought through 12 chakras and into the vibrations of diamond light. There is no better time than now to take charge of life. Handouts will be available.

Dr. Jane Goldberg

Disease Is Never A Mistake - It’s Communication

Sunday 12pm

On a continuous basis, the body eavesdrops on the mind, and the mind is always listening to the body, and both respond to each other in this on-going conversation. However, when YOU eavesdrop on what THEY are saying to each other, you will learn all you need to know about your body/mind constellation. You will come to understand whether you have a predilection for getting sick, or why you are already sick, or why you have been sick in the past, and what you need to do to both prevent and resolve afflictions, ailments and conditions. Dr. Goldberg is the owner of La Casa Spa & Wellness Center, and the author of 8 books, and creator of the blog MusingsFrom20thSt

Jane Holmes

Your Emotional Wellbeing Is Your Best Asset - Sun 4pm

Emotions can affect your physical health and even hold you back from creating the life you truly desire. Learn how emotional "stuff" can actually create diseases and how you can free yourself from emotional bondage and become empowered to be a better YOU! Jane Holmes, Director of Living Foods Institute, has helped many thousands of people to heal emotionally and physically with her unique ability, humor and powerful techniques.

Jared Bull

Coming Soon...

Jay Emmanuel

Singing Bowls Harmonic Healing And Crystal Alchemy

Saturday 8pm

Magnetic Harmonic Vibrational Therapist Jay Emmanuel, introduces energy techniques using forces of the sounds produced by Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with the Human Voice to activate natural self healing responses of the body. Based on the Pioneering research of scientists like Dr. Royal Raymond Rife found cures for many diseases simply by using vibrational energy, Nikola Tesla who said we live in an ocean of energy, vibrations and frequencies, & Dr. Joseph Puleo “The Healing Codes” that help repair damaged DNA.

Jill Dahne

Love & Relationships

Listed as the #1 Love Psychic in Ameri- ca, Jill wants to get America back on track with relationships. Most women and men want to have a significant other, but do they know what they are really seeking?_ Online datinga:the pros, the cons and why more people are turning to it. Soul mates: What do you really know about them and do they exist?_Share some of my secrets in finding true love.Why good people find bad matches?_Jill will answer audience questions and give insights to their current relationship

Jodi Serota


  You’re Here On Earth For A Reason. Higher frequencies are now being transmitted into the planet & your body. You’re being initiated into 5th dimensional heart/love vibration. Earth’s stepping up to new levels & inhabitants are rapidly awakening. Your determination to know your purpose/mission is essential. Personal changes are required, simultaneously effecting global & multidimensional realms. Experience channeled guidance, activations of vibrational sound & light languages, preparing & setting your inner tone for manifestation of being intentional, in making a difference!

Dr Joel Wallach

Immortality /Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

Live chronologically to 120 while being biologically 50 years of age! Learn the common and secrets of the top 20 longevity cultures on earth. Learn how to employ high ORAC values, calorie restricted diets the “mighty 90” supplement program and the avoidance of “bad” health practices to add 25 to 50 healthful years to year life! These cultures have one hundred year old pet 250 of their population - Americans have one hundred year old per 10,000 of our population Dr. Wallach will reveal their secrets!!


The Benefits Of Micro Algae And Superfoods

Saturday 6pm

Spirulina - the most complete food and protein abundance, essential fatty acids, enzymes, etc Chlorella - it’s detoxifying effects and thin wall Astaxanthin - it’s anti-inflammatory effects and free radical scavenging properties Best root- regulating blood pressure and cardioPepper - digestion and bioavailability Maca root - adrenal replenishment and balancing hormones Cacao- abundance in antioxidant concentrations Tongkat Ali - the differences found in Tongkat Ali depending on location. It’s immune benefits and aphrodisiac properties. Inhibits lean muscle growth

Kat James

Total Transformation: The True "Extreme Makeover" For Your Health, Your Looks, And Your Life - Sat 1pm & Sun 1pm

Twenty-five years ago, award-winning author Kat James saved herself-and has since helped free countless others-from multiple digestive, autoimmune, metabolic, emotional, addictive, skin, and weight disorders after doctors gave up. Today, we see a tidal wave of scientific research in support of her once-controversial methods. calibration, and doctor-verified outcomes in successfully harnessing the incredible power of the master hormone, leptin. Unlock the key to your own extreme natural makeover-without surgery or suffering-with the woman SELF calls "a master of self-transformation." Learn more at

Dr. Kazuko Hillyer Tatsumura

Onnetsu And Far Infra-Red Therapy

Friday 6pm

All living being on the earth needs Water, Air, Food and Sunlight. However according to NASA, out of vast range of sunlight, only the narrow spectrum (8-14) of wave length is the light of life, growth and healing. The benefit of Far Infra-red was first discovered by NASA in 1960s and developed in Japan technologically. The ONNETSU Therapy is a combination of this new technology and the ancient Japanese modality of Moxa. Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura will introduce and demonstrate this extraordinary new ONNETSU Therapy.

Kenneth Lane

Lane’s Live Concert Program

Saturday 8pm

In This concert Ken will sing 25 love song selections from Opera, Broadway, Musicals, Pop, Viennese Operetta, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Films and the Grammys Mr. Lane is an opera composer and coaches actors in Shakespeare roles and opera singers in the Wagner, Italian and French roles.

Kimberly Meredith


  PART 1-GOD CONSCIOUSNESS Kimberly begins the event with a channeled introduction about her Near Death Experience (NDE). Kimberly gives an in-depth channel on living in the “3rd Dimension, while accepting all of the Dimensions, and being healed in the 12th Dimension (God Consciousness).” Kimberly will channel information about consciousness, the shifting of humanity, moving into 12D and eliminating spiritual warfare. PART 2-WITNESS THE MIRACLES Kimberly demonstrates her unique mediumship by picking out several participants that are chosen through the Holy Spirit, and the angels with the spoken word of the angelic realm. These individuals will be selected by the etheric angel language, using sound, hand gestures and sign language. This is relayed to Kimberly to receive a medical intuitive scan. Kimberly will then be guided to do a medical intuitive scan. She will be guided to lay-on hands, or do a surgical hands-on healing. Next, all participants in the room will be guided to stand and join in the 12th Dimensional consciousness (a quantum field) of the Holy Spirit. This will be a channeled and guided meditation by Kimberly.Kimberly Meredith honors Mother Mary. In closing, all participants will receive a ceremonial prayer with blessings, anointing oil and holy water. This will be a truly miraculous event. This event will also include live music. Kimberly Meredith is a world renowned Medical Intuitive, Surgical Hands-on Healer, Trance Channeler and Spiritual Teacher with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Through surgical hands-on healing, channeling and/or laying-on of hands, Kimberly Meredith has helped and healed thousands of people. She has removed tumors, restored hearing, healed cancer, corrected immobility and completely rid the body of diseases during healing events and private sessions through the Holy Spirit. Kimberly scans the entire body as a human MRI/X-ray with her hands guiding her blinking eyes. She has a unique mediumship gift and is guided to those who are chosen to receive healings at events. These individuals are selected by Kimberly, using her unique mediumship through etheric angel language, sound, hand gestures and sign language. If Kimberly’s teeth chatter, it could mean extreme pain is felt within the body, or she will tap on her palms how many years since the person had a devastating injury or disease. From these signals, she will know that is the person the angels and her guides have selected for healing. One of Kimberly’s spirit guides is Edgar Cayce, the most documented psychic of the 20th century. In addition to finding negative energy and disease, she can detect any traumas the body has suffered from birth to now. She also has the ability to find trapped emotional pain encapsulated in the body. The energy of God, the Holy Spirit and the Saints move throughout her eyes and hands as she combines prayers, chanting and activating light energy to heal her clients. Kimberly often resembles a New Age “Mary Baker Eddy” and carries out her faith of Christian Science views. Recently documented blind scientific studies that Kimberly has undergone, proves that God is meeting science. Displaying phenomenal healing abilities, Kimberly was selected by PsyTek Subtle Energy Laboratory and Research Facility to undergo ongoing tests to further understand the inner workings of her healing abilities. Kimberly was featured on the cover of Awareness Magazine (March 2016) and this year featured on the cover of The Life Connection Magazine (June 2017). Please visit Kimberly’s website for more information: and follow her on Twitter @healingtrilogy  

Lai Ubberud


Lai explains the repetitive patterns in our lives and also why we have certain phobias, likes or dislikes for things, people or places. She also tells about the principles of reincarnation and she will answer questions about reincarnations. She will also give one past life to as many members of the audience as possible and time allows.

Liz Reilley

More About Sprouts...

Saturday 11am

Jonathan's Sprouts has been a family-run business since 1976 operating out of an historic New England barn renovated for food production in scenic Southeast- ern MA. to preserve the integrity of nature's perfect food, and to provide a platform for other sprout growers to produce safe, quality sprouts while main- taining the organic integrity natures perfect food. Learn what you can do to help bring about sprout safety standards. Meet Liz Reilley, and learn more about the world of sprouts as well as health benefits and easy recipe ideas.


The Crystalline Matrix

Saturday 2pm Join this crystalline sound portal of self transformation with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Lupito, Founder of Crystal Tones who will be demonstrating Bowl Master techniques and uses of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. While playing the Rose, Ruby, Diamond, Gold, and Divine Kryon bowls alchemies we will be activating the light in the liquid crystals of our cells bringing us to a higher state of awareness and bliss for profound healing!

Marc Brinkerhoff

UFO Photographer & ET Contactee

Sunday 6pm Marc’s incredible, prolific UFO photography bears witness to his claims of Extraterrestrial ongoing contact.  Experience his most current impressive UFO photography of morphing lightships emanating transformational energy from the Asteron and Ashtar Commands.  Meet his primary higher dimensional 'contact’ plus ET family and friends through mystic art he has channelled and illustrated for this purpose.  Join him for a glimpse into the benevolent Extraterrestrial manifestations and encounters that are happening as global frequency speeds up.  You could be next.

Maryanne Savino

13 Chakra System & The Language of Light In this lecture and experiential journey, Ascension Guide and Sonic Alchemist Maryanne Savino will take you through the 13 Chakra System to help you activate, align and integrate Sky Light Body & Magical Earth Body. You will receive downloads of Light Language codes that will awaken your true mastery and merge you with your multidimensional self for living with greater awareness, higher consciousness and an open heart. We will anchor into Mother Earth and open to the greater Cosmic Light of the Universe to live in Peace, Love & Unity.

Mas Sajady

lecture/demo                                                     Can this Man Change Your Life in 10 Minutes or Less?

Two Near Death Experiences (NDEs) gifted Mas Sajady with Extraordinary abilities to open any area of your life to total abundance. Mas has been compared to many world-renowned teachers, but he has unique abilities to transform the lives of others truly defy description. One thing is for certain – no one has ever left a Mas event the same person as they arrived.Following his NDEs, Mas has been gifted the power to access and correct the core causes of your life’s challenges.

Workshop                                                                   Exponential Intelligence - Know/Heal Yourself

Mas has been likened to many internationally known teachers but to date, no one has quite been able to describe him and the unbelievable transformations he facilitates for individuals at his in-person or online events.Following two near-death experiences, Mas was gifted with the ability to see, access, and "correct" core causes of any person's life challenges. Without having to speak to or even see you at all, Mas is able to identify the real reasons why your life is the way it is and is able to help you heal yourself and transform all areas of your life - physical, financial, spiritual, relationships, and more.There are no 'chance meetings'. If something is stirring within you then join Mas, feel the frequency and discover the truth about Yourself. Although the results are tangible and seemingly unbelievable, Mas doesn't heal you. He helps you awaken your own abilities to heal yourself and transform your own life.

Radical Self-Healing Activation through Timeless Consciousness

Join Mas in this highly charged workshop and immerse yourself in the elevated frequencies that he embodied following his two near death experiences. Dive deep into your own frequency core and learn how to move away from your time-bound consciousness and to stop living from deep and debilitating patterns. Start operating from Exponential Intelligence where radical self-healing is activated through timeless consciousness to instantly reach all areas of your life for rapid, tangible and seemingly miraculous transformations. This event includes a presentation, demonstration, and guided Medihealing. A Medihealing is a meditation and healing in one to supercharge your life and accelerate your journey to total abundance. Mas created this format to allow faster personal transformation. Each Medihealing is customized to the unique group in attendance. Although the results are tangible and seemingly unbelievable, Mas doesn't heal you. He helps you awaken your own abilities to heal yourself and transform your own life. Mas works on the core frequency level to help reprogram your blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results and timeless abundance in all areas of life. Mas's work goes beyond all modalities and has helped tens of thousands around the world transform their lives after just one or a few sessions. Mas Sajady has always been intuitively gifted. Like many others, he tried to hide or ignore his highly intuitive nature so he could “fit in”. It is for this reason Mas has always strongly advised parents to support children who have similar affinities. It literally took Mas two near death experiences to awaken and embrace his abilities.

Meryl Tihanyi

Can One Event Change The World?

Sunday 5pm

You bet it can, and it is happening soon! There is a new hope on the horizon for humanity - an earthshattering event that will change the way we approach the problems of life. Neither religious, economic, political or environmental in nature, this event will revolutionize our understanding of life and restore a future of Justice, Sharing, Brotherhood and Peace for all. Hear more about this spectacular event and why the future is, indeed, bright! Come to this talk and hear her explain the truth about Maitreya the World Teacher.

Michael Pizhade

Decoding The Wave Frequency of Each Organ on a Cellular Level

Friday 6pm

This NLS Matrix Decoder program is comprehensive in that it allows us to analyze the energetic field and aura of the human anatomy. Once an imbalance is detected anywhere in the body, the NLS Matrix Decoder instantly sends a correction to balance the energetic state. As you know, syndrome manifests energetically as well as physically. Experience the NLS Matrix Decode which has more functions encompassing the Meridians, Emotional and Psychological Matrix, Relationship Matrix and Aura of each organ.

Nevsah F. Karamehmet

Change Your Breath and You Will Change Your Life.

What is the meaning of life? Your achievements? Meaningful relationships? Being healthy and energetic? Being fit and charming? WE ALL WANT A BETTER LIFE! HAPPINESS, JOY, HEALTH, SATISFACTION… AND NONE OF THIS HAS TO DO WITH WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR LIFE!Your perception of life, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, everything depends on how you breathe! You CAN be healthier, happier, stronger, satisfied and successful all at the same time.Nevsah is the founder president of International Breath Coaching Foundation, IBF national coordinator and Breath Science School faculty member. She has been working on and researching breath for the past 15 years, has trained more than 100.000 people in her seminars, workshops, sessions and more than 1000 breath coaches around the world. 

Olivia Olkowski

Anchoring Your Spirit In: Protection & Grounding

Saturday 2pm

Many people have become fragmented through this chaotic time of ascension we are living through. Learn about Soul-Loss, contracts/ vows made, entities. We will shift your soul into it’s rightful place by using shamanic wisdom practices, healing crystals, and moving consciousness into a place of presence. Olivia Olkowski is a powerful shamanic healer/teacher a Peruvian Pachakuti Mesa holder (shaman), and Curandera initiated as a lineage holder of Mayan traditional medicine. Olivia helps people heal their emotional/ physical dis-ease, transforming lives.

Pam Jenkins

Navigating The Vibrational Shift And Spiritual Awakening

Saturday 8pm

There's a Global Vibrational Shift and Spiritual Awakening happening right now. Pam will share with you the ways that people experience this shift. A renowned Psychic Medium who connects with loved ones that have crossed over, as well as help getting clarity as to what people are experiencing currently in their lives. Pam has experienced the physical, emotional, and spiritual side of this shift. If you have been experiencing a roller coaster in your life in any of these areas, you don't want to miss this lecture, as it's sure to be informative.

Dr.paul Ling Tai

New Anti-Aging Technology To Incredible Youth

Saturday 2pm & Sunday 2pm

How old are you really? Do you know what your Biological age is?Do you want to be as fit, healthy, and vibrant at 75 as you were at 30? Dr. Tai’s lecture will teach you a step by step Anti-Aging protocol that is practical & effective to increase energy, stop fatigue, improve memory, protect heart diseases, and enhance sex drive. Be part of the new dynamic aging population who is living longer, looking younger and feeling stronger!

Paul Utz

Divine Quantum Connection

Sunday 12pm Join with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Paul Utz co-founder of Crystal Tones. An exploration of the divine quantum crystalline connection between the universal self and our divine spirit. Explore the unique frequencies of alchemy singing bowls and how they affect the different dimensionalities of our human body, thereby bringing about transformational awareness and quantum healing for truth in our lives. Experience the divinity within you now.

Pavla Stuchlikova

Divine Healing Dance  Pavla is a multidimensional spiritual healer. Originally from Czech Republic. She is dedicated to serve the Earth and humanity, helping people open their heart and return to their original consciousness. She combines her unique psychic abilities with many techniques like Ho’oponopono, Dr. Sha’s Divine healing hands, kundalini yoga, Nia and more.  Divine Healing Dance with Pavla’s loving guidance opens you and releases your abilities, an abundance of your soul’s gifts. Move and experience yourself as energy!

Peter Goodgold

Healing With Hydrogen Water

Friday 6pm The discovery and documentation of the “healing” and “curative” waters of Nordenau, Germany; Tlacote, Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui, Japan waters all contain dissolved hydrogen gas. Molecular Hydrogen has been shown in over 500 studies to have positive effects on 100 different human diseases. The antioxidant properties and antiapoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of molecular hydrogen has finally piqued the interest of the biomedical field. Peter Goodgold, shares the complex healing powers of his “Infinity Hydrogen Water Generator”. Attendees receive free gift.

Healing With Hydrogen Enriched Water: The Fountain Of Youth

Saturday 4pm Peter Goodgold explores the unchartered shore where the scientific and the spiritual relationship with water meet, and how this hydrogen rich elixir will improve people’s health, lengthen their lives, and promote a healthier planet. Learn to slow down aging, prevent disease, and live a healthy drug-free life with hydrogen rich living crystal alkaline water! Peter Goodgold has been researching health benefits of Healing Waters and diet for 46 years. He created Healing Waters Health Spa in Eden Arizona. Attendees receive free gift

Do Healing Waters Contain Hydrogen

Sunday 6pm The discovery of the healing curative waters of Nordenau Germany; Tlacote Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui Japan waters all contain dissolved hydrogen gas. As seen in 500 studies, Molecular Hydrogen has positive healing effects on 100 different human diseases. The antioxidant properties and anti-apoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of healing hydrogen has finally piqued the interest of the biomedical field. Join Peter Goodgold, of as he shares the complex healing powers of his “Infinity Hydrogen Water Generators”. Attendees receive free gift:

Peter Roth

5 Keys to Intuitive Mastery

Saturday 4pm Are you ready to receive more information than your mind has had access to before? Are you ready to live in a mastery forged through expanded higher consciousness? Peter recently received special new channelings for teaching enhanced consciousness and healing and will show you 5 important tools to becoming an intuitive master. Let the doorways to Universal knowing become much wider for you and live in higher mind mastery.

Peter Schnell

Crystalline Light Body Activation with Master Light Tools

Saturday 5pm

During Earth's ascension we are collectively shifting to the next level of consciousness allowing us to come in contact with divine energetic light tools to accelerate this process. Hear the story of how Archangel Metatron tasked the founders of Litios Light Crystals to bring these divine light tools back to Earth to benefit humanity. Includes a powerful meditation with the Litios Light Crystals to clear, transform & align your chakras & energy bodies and Metatron will re-activate and revive your crystalline light body.

Phillip Wilson

Far Infrared Energy - Medicine Of The Future

Saturday 7pm

Phil Wilson has been speaking about the Healing and spiritualizing benefits of Far-Infrared Energy for 10 years. Books such as “Detoxify or Die,” and “No Sweat, KNOW Sweat!” laud the health benefits of Far-infrared Saunas. 65 years of Research show Its special band Light frequency resonates our water cells, Increases Microcirculation and core temperature, activating the immune system and metabolic functioning of our bodies, hence detoxifying and purifying body and mind, reducing pain, inflammation, helping Lyme, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, diabetes, Arthritis, more.

Stephen Popiotek

Planetary Ascension Update

Saturday 7pm Examining the Earths Evolving Hyperspatial Landscape and its ramifications on society'A discussion of ongoing planetary grid upgrades such as the Global Tesseract Shield and Global Galactic Watchtower Grid of Gaia.  We will also explore some of the positive/negative alien relations with the global power structures and their campaigns to either assist or slow down the opening of the collective heart chakra through a variety of means , i.e., influencing timelines, ley lines ,and information warfare.

Qi Feilong

Energy Healing and Kungfu Demonstration

Saturday 6pm World renowned Qigong Master QI Fei- long, who was invited to Harvard Med- ical School to demonstrate Qigong as an alternative therapy, will provide a free demonstration of Qi Energy. Watch how internal healing energy can set newspaper on fire, stop a clock, twist a steel spoon and break chopsticks with a $20 bill! Whether the concern is ADD, self-defense or total body health, you will learn how Qigong holistic therapies can help to restore and maintain total body health.

Ravi Ratan

Chakras & Psychosomatic Health

Saturday 4pm It’s just the thought pattern, that affects our Chakras the barometer of health, as Chakras impact our health at physical and physiological level. Our issues are in the tissues, since the body memory is more than the brain memory. Emotional blockages affect Sacral Chakra, lymphatics and also affect our sexuality, cause lower back pain, menstrual problems, chronic depression. Same way our mind pattern affects our Chakras & health some way. Ravi Ratan, from India is a clinical aromatherapist and healer. He is the author of “Handbook Of Aromatherapy”.

Ron Amitron

Understanding The Unseen Alien Presence On Earth

Friday 8pm

Ron Amitron has an unparalleled understanding of the alien manipulation of us. What are the effects of undetected alien abductions? How to tell if you’ve been abducted? Do you have an alien tracking barcode? Ron exposes the alien use of: Abductions, implants, tracking barcodes, downloaded programs, personal handlers, human cloning, and body altering robotics, astrology/horoscope connection, satellite mind control transmissions, and channeled messages. * NOTE: Bring drinking water to be infused with the light frequency your body needs.

Alien Technology: Abductions-Implants- Cloning-Timelines

Saturday 7pm

Alien technologies directly interfere with our body, mind spirit. Ron offers sound solution on how to deal with this problem. Experience the removal of alien installed technology attached to us, including: Implants and their injected poisons, nano particles, robotics body parts and parasitic life forms. The truth is extraterrestrials are creating cloned human replicas of all of us! Release of clone replicas attached to you. * NOTE: Bring drinking water to be infused with the light frequency your body needs. Find out how to clear, protect an

Ron Amitron & Halcyon Isaac

Skillfully Navigating The Holographic Timeline Matrix

Sunday 1pm

Join Ron Amitron, Spiritual Teacher/ Master Healer and Halcyon Isaac, timeline specialist for a session on topics rarely mentioned or understood. The underlying truth is we are living within an alien created and controlled holographic timeline matrix. The entire human race has become linked to clones existing on thousands of fabricated timelines! Learn how to release the myriad of timelines that are attached to you. Learn how to perfect Timeline Crashing. Clear, protect and empower yourself! Halcyon will offer us helpful ways to keep more timelines from attaching to you. She will describe how the interference caused by your past, present, future, parallel lives and dreams are impacting you now. . Ron will provide healings and as a bonus remove invisible alien devises which are attached to us through timelines. Ron will explain how to experience life in the peaceful preascension New Earth energy.*NOTE: Bring drinking water to be activated with the light frequency that your body needs. Experience 24/7 active healings at:

Ron Amitron & Nathan Rosenblum

Understanding Alien Manipulation Of Humans

Saturday 12pm

What is really going on? Dr. Rosenblum shares his amazing awareness of knowledge that has been suppressed for thousands of years. Hear the extraordinary facts on extraterrestrial genetic manipulation. Discover how DNA and RNA are utilized by extraterrestrials to influence human and animal behavior. Dr. Rosenblum reveals the hidden clues he discovered of the Essenes and Gnostics. Other topics discussed: E.T involvement in human engineered GMO’s; the use of harmonic-sound waves as tools of control or liberation. Ron Amitron, known as the Myth Breaker, exposes alien involvement with humans and provides a sample of the life-changing Creation Lightship healings which removes the complex alien programs, implants and barcodes. Ron offers key information on alien use of: abduction, implants, mind control. Experience the removal of invisible Alien technology. Hear astonishing facts on how programmed clones interface with us! Ron releases cloned replicas of you! *NOTE: Bring drinking water to be infused with the light frequency your body needs. Experience 24/7 active healings at:

Tatyana Sibirskaya

God’s Love Heals Everybody

Lecture Friday 7pm & Workshop Friday 8pm Tatyana Sibirskaya is a famous clairvoyant and a faith healer. She came to America sixteen years ago. She was born psychic. The unusual power of Tatyana’s prayer has revealed itself since her early childhood. At thirty five Tatyana got the ability to see the organs of a human body and their problems. Through her prayer she reconnects people with the healing power of the Light of Cosmic Love thus helping them to get rid of many diseases including those still considered incurable.

Teddy Koumarianos


Sunday 2pm

The secret to lifelong health. How to stay healthy internally. Live and experience 100 years. Eat what you want and feel good. The truth about, grains, beans, vegetables, fruit, antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, and proteins. I am an ordinary person. I took notice of my body's warning signs and reckless eating behavior. Today I am bringing you what I learned from my mistakes.

Theresa Fitzpatrick

Coming Soon...

Thomas John

An Evening with the Dead

Sunday 5pm Experience the incredible work of one of the nation's most sought after psychic mediums. After a brief introduction, Thomas will deliver messages from the Other Side to members of the audience, and shock you with his unbelievably accurate messages. He will touch your heart with intimate messages from audience members loved ones and deliver personal messages to as many people as he can in this special one hour and forty five minute workshop. His words from spirit will make you laugh, cry and take your breath away. Thomas John is a global psychic sensation who has wowed audiences across the world including celebrity fans from Jennifer Lopez to Sam Smith to Julianne Moore, among many others, with his impressively accurate messages from ‘the other side’. He has been prominently featured in top tier print media, including New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, GQ, Maxim, OK! Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and Life and Style Weekly, along with broadcast appearances on Dr. Phil, Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and The Real Housewives of New York City, and Entertainment Tonight.

Timothy Bracci

Connecting with the Mineral Kingdom, and Getting out of Your Head

Sunday 11am

Learn how to "Feel" stones in the way many have forgotten about, not by your intellect, but by your intelligence which is connected to Universal Flow. Timothy has been working with minerals for 40+ years and brings you a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience. He has been studying and working with the Metaphysical arts for just as long and is a Transformational Powerhouse to help you get out of your own head & to see what needs to change.

Vasudha Gupta

Extend your youth and Slow your aging process using Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient healing systems in the world standing the test of time through the ages. Even today over 1 billion people rely on the knowledge of Ayurveda to deal with their health issues and maintain optimum health.

In this presentation Vaidya Vasudha Gupta will reveal the ancient secrets of Ayurveda that you can use in your day to day life to keep your internal organs healthy and maintain healthy relationships. She will also describe simple home remedies and dietary changes that you can incorporate to slow the aging process.