NEWLIFE Yoga Expo’s Lineup of Speakers – Palm Beach: Feb 24-25

Join us in Palm Beach on Feb 24-25 and experience some of the most sought after experts in  health, wellness, metaphysics,yoga, meditation and enlightenment.  These individuals will be presenting on many amazing subjects all geared to enhance your life!

NEWLIFE Expo will have a vast array of free classes, lectures, performances, and expert panels.   

This year’s expo will have more to offer than ever before.  Don’t miss it!


To See the last expo’s complete Speaker Schedule Click HERE

Annette Hadley

From Fear to L

Sunday 1pm Your beautiful soul deserves beautiful expression. Artist-writer Annette Hadley shows you the way in this creative, interactive session. Living and working in three countries, and traveling to over thirty countries in the last ten years, Annette found herself and her truth through immense personal pain, change and the creativity it birthed. Her abstract photographs, paintings and mandalas, sourced from her soul and world experiences, draw people in with their vibrant energy. Come, harness the healing power of creativity for yourself.

Antoine Chevalier

Coming Soon...

Becca Tebon

Tabata with Towels & Toys

INSANE (yet simple) the T3 session with Becca pbut delivers a full body workout with nothing but a towel (and a surprise piece of equipment) — Both provided. This workout requires only you and some serious stamina and promises to bring your happy quotient to the next hemisphere. This ingenious workout uses your own strength against you, so you determine just what level you’ll achieve. Becca is aCertified Holistic, Fitness and Nutrition Lifestyle Strategist.

Dr. Brian Clement

We Are Light

Clement will bring you to the pinnacle of the latest science on food and why the living plant based variety is the inherent and biological choice for our species. His half century in the field of progressive healthcare, and as the director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute since 1980, has given him a privileged insight into the workings of authentic health and longevity. Science has now caught up to the teachings of the institute he directs and empirically proven that food which is enzymatically rich enhances cell frequency, preventing free radical damage, the cause of all aging and disease. He will show that the same photons that rain down from the sun and captured on green, leafy plants empower each of your 100 trillion cells in generating extraordinary health. Frequencies from proper foods shield the cells which create all of the bodily systems from microbes and mutagens; and at the same time prevent rapid cell death, the underlying cause of premature aging. Extensive questions and answers will be afforded.

Brenda Cobb

How I Healed Cancer Naturally - Sat 2pm

In 1999 I was diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer and told I would die in six months if I did not do surgery chemo and radiation. I refused those medical treatments and in six months I was completely healed. I did it with organic raw and living foods, cleansing and emotional healing. Come learn what to do right now to stay well or to heal yourself!

Your Body Will Heal When You Give It What It Needs - Sun 3pm

Don’t be a victim of poor health. Learn how to prevent any illness and stay healthy for a lifetime. You can slow the aging process so you look and feel years younger, but first you must know what your body needs. Brenda Cobb healed breast and cervical cancer in 1999 without surgery, chemo or radiation and has developed programs to heal all types of diseases naturally including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, depression and more.

Bruce Starr

The Role Masculine and Feminine Plays in Our Relationships

Never before have our romantic relationships been tested like they are today. It was always challenging for men and women to meet and decide if they want to spend their life together. The mass confusion regarding masculine and feminine roles in relationships has made the possibility for love in a committed relationship more difficult than ever. Understand and refine your choices with the Luvcoach Bruce Starr to give yourself a greater chance of achieving love, satisfaction and happiness.

Carmen Garson

Shakti Dance® "Yoga of Dance" - Sat 11am & Sun 2pm

Shakti Dance® is a unique and harmonious blend of Flowing Asanas (Shakti Stretching), Rhythmic Breathing, Energizing Dance Exercises, Free Dance, Relaxation, Still Meditation, and Mantra Movement Meditations. Carmen Garson (Dayalprem Kaur) created and directed Goddess Store & Studio for 16 years.  

Carolyn Zaumeyer

Age Healthier ~ Live Happier with Bio-Identical Hormone Balance

Nurse Practitioner Carolyn Zaumeyer has been specializing in gynecology for more than 20 years.  After the Women’s Health Initiative Trial in 2002 revealed that synthetic hormones could increase women’s risk of breast cancer, heart attack, stroke, blood clots and Alzheimer’s disease, Carolyn decided to devote her studies to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). She has become an expert in prescribing them safely and effectively.  Carolyn is currently providing BHRT to men and women at her Fort Lauderdale office. Info:

Chris Macklin

What’s Going On In The World

A question many of us ponder throughout our lives is the origin of mankind.How did we get here, where did we come from?  Take a look into Creator Gods and Sacred Geometry of Communication. It seems that we are surrounded by forces of negativity at times, what is it that we are experiencing? Why are people in so much fear? Where is it all coming from?  And what about our World leaders – how are they all connected?  How do Manipulations affect Dowsing & Intuition? What is Time Space Continuum?

Divine Healing Experience

Enter the God space and experience the power of Divine Healing with renowned British healer Christopher Macklin. Prior to the group healing, Christopher will explain how Divine Healing works, how Angelic Beings assist him with Esoteric Operations, how he utilizes Tachyon energy, and how negative energies, earthbound spirits, and manipulations can affect one’s health. He will also show you how to keep your vibrational level up, and how to re-energize your food to maximize its nutritional value. All attendees will receive Christopher’s powerful healing from the ultimate dimension.

Debra Betesh


Grand Master Qi said he could save my life, and I accepted the challenge. With Grand Master Qi’s help, I stopped taking prescription medication that adversely affected my body. Chinese medicine was the answer. Grand Master Qi made me feel young again. I am grateful for his treatment and wrote about it in my self-help book, Happy Healing: What Would You Do If It Happened to You.

Donna Sessler


Donnareyna will pass around & share many of her gemstones with their healing benefits and specific qualities relating to the rainbow colors. She will lead a chakra meditation beginning with the black grounding crystals and completing with the white ascension stones. Instructions will be given for cleansing and purification of crystals & jewelry (heirlooms & antiques) with the 4 elements. A sacred crystal grid will be set up in the room that can be duplicated anywhere at any time,

Dr. Robert Young

Coming Soon...

Erica Cappelman

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Gail Thackray

Cutting Negative Relationship Cords

Friday 7pm We create cords with anyone significant in our life. These can be good cords but they can also be negative. A difficult relationship of any nature is a sign of negative cords that have anchored and attached and can make you quite sick. Sometimes good cords can get strangled by negative black cords which cause distrust, jealously, fear and anger in our relationships. Sometimes cords are attached to old negative patterns which cause career problems and financial issues. Cords can hold us to our past and can even be rooted in past lives. Gail is a psychic medium who is able to not only see these cords but dissolve and remove them bringing healing in your relationships and release from the past. Discover cords that are holding you back. Releasing negative cords can cause impressive results. Learn cutting cord techniques healers can do on their clients or you can use on yourself and your loved ones. Gail will perform cutting cords for everyone. VIPs will sit in the front rows and will receive an individual cord cutting from Gail.

Spiritual Healers Around The World

Saturday 6pm Gail shares her experiences with John of God, Filipino Psychic Surgeons, Ketut-Bali & other amazing healers. Gail’s an exceptional healer herself. Trained with Psychic Surgeons and shamans. She’ll demonstrate healing on audience volunteers. Many report miraculous healing/life changing experiences just from attending her events. Medical intuitive and medium, she will connect you directly to the energy of the enlightened beings that work through hers. All attendees receive a free small Blessed Crystal.

Guides, Angels & Power Animals

Sunday 1pm Angels, guides, power animals & healing spirits. Learn to communicate, to invoke them & ask for assistance. Meet your main guides. Receive tools to communicate with them though objects and signals. Develop your psychic language, get yes/no answers and detailed direction. Travel to the underworld, meet your power animal, and invoke animal medicine for healing and readings. How to call in guides for specific task and the best way to contact guides for healing others.

Calculate Trauma Dates To Heal Yourself & Others

Sunday 3pm Learn to pin point actual dates when an energy block or karmic issue first started for you or your client. Sometimes issues start in our early childhood, sometimes we are not consciously aware of them and some actually start in past lives. These affect us for many lifetimes until we finally absorb the lesson and release the karma. Determining the starting point helps you to understand the origin and receive a permanent release. This workshop is for people already doing healing work as well as total beginners. You will learn to become a medical intuitive and read energy. Learn to feel and sense energy blocks and to read the messages that they hold for your client. Then learn to communicate with healing guides to determine when and how these blocks were first formed. You will be working with a pendulum time line grid and communication cards. For professional psychics and readers this is a tool that your clients will love. All attendees with receive an individual psychic opening attunement to become a medical intuitive and receive messages from spirit.

Past Life Therapy Certification, Heal Yourself & Other

Monday 6pm Learn how to take yourself and your clients into a past life quickly and easily. Go to specific lives that still carry charged energy or negative karma that is affecting your life today and learn how to work through guides to clear these energies. Release negative relationship patterns and heal current relationships. Find your hidden fears and blocks that are causing financial and career issues today. Bring through your talents and abilities that you learned in previous lives that you are not fully using. Pin point actual dates when an energy block or karmic issue first started for you or your client. Sometimes issues start in our early childhood, sometimes we are not consciously aware of them and some actually start in past lives. This workshop is for people already doing healing work who want to incorporate past life therapy as well as total beginners. For professional psychics and healers this is a tool that your clients will love. All attendees with receive an individual psychic opening attunement Receive a Past Live therapy Certification

Dr. Grayzna Pajunen

Breakthrough In Anti-Aging – Natural Cartilage Regeneration And Wrinkle Removal

Saturday 6pm & Sunday 4pm No pain or wrinkles without surgeries, medications or injections. Come learn about Liquid BioCell Collagen and Jusuru, a liquid nutraceutical with a patented primary ingredient called Liquid BioCell Collagen. Jusuru is natural with no additives and preservatives. It is 100% bio-available, highly effective, and safe. This is the only source of collagen and hyaluronic acid that our body recognizes and utilizes as our own. Grazyna Pajunen has a Ph.D. and has 25 years of experience in biomedical research at UCLA and FAU

Howard Dean

Chemtrails vs Contrails - Sun 5pm

WEATHER MOD.PROGRAMS with EMF & HAARP! WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STAY HEALTHY! Howard’s FloridaE- is specializing on Air/H2O Quality info,events. Focused on “Chemtrails vs Contrails” the “Haze” movie. His goal is to help you understand why you and your families are experiencing unhealthiness, tiredness, mental, emotional Relationship problems.You will be presented with the latest information regarding Eco related health problems and health solutions. Howard will discuss EMF,HAARP & Solutions will be our main focus!

Inessa Monique Freya

Detox Your Home, Heart & Mind - Sat 11am

Your home is 3D Vision board, a living affirmation for your life.Learn how to make simple changes, so you can experience radiant health, harmony, prosperity and well-being. We will explore, How to clear away physical, mental and emotional clutter and make room for unlimited possibilities. Space Cleanse to clear negative, low level, emotional imprints and predecessor energy that might be attracting in repeat destructive patterns and behaviors. Upgrade the narrative through intentional design and conscious questions. Inessa is a feng shui master.

Jane Holmes

Your Emotional Wellbeing Is Your Best Asset - Sun 4pm

Emotions can affect your physical health and even hold you back from creating the life you truly desire. Learn how emotional "stuff" can actually create diseases and how you can free yourself from emotional bondage and become empowered to be a better YOU! Jane Holmes, Director of Living Foods Institute, has helped many thousands of people to heal emotionally and physically with her unique ability, humor and powerful techniques.

Jill Dahne

Love & Relationships

Listed as the #1 Love Psychic in Ameri- ca, Jill wants to get America back on track with relationships. Most women and men want to have a significant other, but do they know what they are really seeking?_ Online datinga:the pros, the cons and why more people are turning to it. Soul mates: What do you really know about them and do they exist?_Share some of my secrets in finding true love.Why good people find bad matches?_Jill will answer audience questions and give insights to their current relationship

Dr Joel Wallach

Immortality /Dead Doctors Don’t Lie

Live chronologically to 120 while being biologically 50 years of age! Learn the common and secrets of the top 20 longevity cultures on earth. Learn how to employ high ORAC values, calorie restricted diets the “mighty 90” supplement program and the avoidance of “bad” health practices to add 25 to 50 healthful years to year life! These cultures have one hundred year old pet 250 of their population - Americans have one hundred year old per 10,000 of our population Dr. Wallach will reveal their secrets!!

Kat James

Total Transformation: The True "Extreme Makeover" For Your Health, Your Looks, And Your Life - Sat 1pm & Sun 1pm

Twenty-five years ago, award-winning author Kat James saved herself-and has since helped free countless others-from multiple digestive, autoimmune, metabolic, emotional, addictive, skin, and weight disorders after doctors gave up. Today, we see a tidal wave of scientific research in support of her once-controversial methods. calibration, and doctor-verified outcomes in successfully harnessing the incredible power of the master hormone, leptin. Unlock the key to your own extreme natural makeover-without surgery or suffering-with the woman SELF calls "a master of self-transformation." Learn more at

Laura Norman

Transform Your Life with Holistic Reflexology

Ready to transform your life? Discover, and experience, how to reduce stress, increase your energy, and improve your health with Laura’s internationally renowned Holistic Method. Laura will show you how your feet are the gateway to regaining your sense of overall balance and well-being. Laura Norman, considered the leading expert in Reflexology worldwide, author of the best-selling book, ‘Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology’, and an educator with three masters degrees in Education, offers private sessions and Holistic Reflexology Certification Training Programs in The Berkshires, NYC and South Florida.

Lourdes Starshower

Energy, Breath And Whole Body Orgasms Class - Sun 3pm

Whole body orgasms are emotional and spiritual and move through every cell in your body for expanded awareness, deeper connection, and profound peace. In this fun experiential playshop I will guide you (fully clothed) through simple practices using breath, movement, touch, intention and presence to awaken your latent ability to have more pleasure, ecstasy and divinely delicious Whole Body Orgasms. Lourdes Starshower, Tantra Healer, Sacred Sexuality Coach ( offers workshops, classes and private sessions in North Palm Beach.


The Crystalline Matrix

Saturday 2pm Join this crystalline sound portal of self transformation with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Lupito, Founder of Crystal Tones who will be demonstrating Bowl Master techniques and uses of the Alchemy Crystal Bowls. While playing the Rose, Ruby, Diamond, Gold, and Divine Kryon bowls alchemies we will be activating the light in the liquid crystals of our cells bringing us to a higher state of awareness and bliss for profound healing!

Mark Becker

Why Yogis Are Vegetarians

One of the fist Hindu words we learn in yoga is "Ahimsa" which means non-violence. So yogis became vegetarians first for Spiritual reasons and then learned the health effects which made our postures easier to do, our minds clearer making it easier to mediatate and our bodies more flexible. Learn the principles of yoga which many teachers have forgotten. Mark Becker opened the first nonhindu yoga center, Serenity, in NYC in 1975 and has been practicing yoga for almost 50 years

Michelle Alva

Pain and Tension Release Yoga Therapy with Sound Healing

Michelle Alva is a Licensed Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist, Creator Of The Alva Method® Of Quantum Healing. Michelle combines her 21 year background as a licensed physical therapist with the ancient wisdom of yoga, energy medicine, sound and shamanic healing, PSYCH-K® and belly dance to bring a safe, empowering, fun and highly effective style of yoga designed for the unique needs of our modern bodies.

Paul Utz

Divine Quantum Connection

Sunday 12pm Join with Alchemy Crystal Bowl Master Paul Utz co-founder of Crystal Tones. An exploration of the divine quantum crystalline connection between the universal self and our divine spirit. Explore the unique frequencies of alchemy singing bowls and how they affect the different dimensionalities of our human body, thereby bringing about transformational awareness and quantum healing for truth in our lives. Experience the divinity within you now.

Peter Goodgold

Healing With Hydrogen Water

Friday 6pm The discovery and documentation of the “healing” and “curative” waters of Nordenau, Germany; Tlacote, Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui, Japan waters all contain dissolved hydrogen gas. Molecular Hydrogen has been shown in over 500 studies to have positive effects on 100 different human diseases. The antioxidant properties and antiapoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of molecular hydrogen has finally piqued the interest of the biomedical field. Peter Goodgold, shares the complex healing powers of his “Infinity Hydrogen Water Generator”. Attendees receive free gift.

Healing With Hydrogen Enriched Water: The Fountain Of Youth

Saturday 4pm Peter Goodgold explores the unchartered shore where the scientific and the spiritual relationship with water meet, and how this hydrogen rich elixir will improve people’s health, lengthen their lives, and promote a healthier planet. Learn to slow down aging, prevent disease, and live a healthy drug-free life with hydrogen rich living crystal alkaline water! Peter Goodgold has been researching health benefits of Healing Waters and diet for 46 years. He created Healing Waters Health Spa in Eden Arizona. Attendees receive free gift

Do Healing Waters Contain Hydrogen

Sunday 6pm The discovery of the healing curative waters of Nordenau Germany; Tlacote Mexico; and Hita Tenryosui Japan waters all contain dissolved hydrogen gas. As seen in 500 studies, Molecular Hydrogen has positive healing effects on 100 different human diseases. The antioxidant properties and anti-apoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of healing hydrogen has finally piqued the interest of the biomedical field. Join Peter Goodgold, of as he shares the complex healing powers of his “Infinity Hydrogen Water Generators”. Attendees receive free gift:

Phillip Wilson

Healing Power Of Far Infrared Light Saunas - Sat 5pm

“Absorbable Far Infrared Light” (4 - 14 microns) is a tiny band of light from the sun that is absorbed by our bodies. It was discovered about 35 years ago. A man can absorb this incredible healing energy which pulsates his water molecules, increases his core temperature, and promotes extraordinary health. Phillip Wilson has been exploring the inner worlds, mathematics and communication for 55 years, recently making many discoveries about Far Infrared Healing Light. Phillip owns health store, in Columbus, OH.

Qi Feilong

Energy Healing and Kungfu Demonstration

Saturday 6pm World renowned Qigong Master QI Fei- long, who was invited to Harvard Med- ical School to demonstrate Qigong as an alternative therapy, will provide a free demonstration of Qi Energy. Watch how internal healing energy can set newspaper on fire, stop a clock, twist a steel spoon and break chopsticks with a $20 bill! Whether the concern is ADD, self-defense or total body health, you will learn how Qigong holistic therapies can help to restore and maintain total body health.


Transform Your Life With The Violet Flame - Sat 4pm

The Violet Flame is one of the most powerful tools for those seeking enlightenment, karmic resolution and the manifestation of all desires. Discover the power of the Ascended Masters’ Decrees and understand how the Violet Flame can transform your life so you can embrace your Divine destiny! Radio personality SarahSpiritual is a teacher, spiritual advisor, medium and designer of a custom line of spiritual products: mists, oils, incense and transformational baths. Visit

Decree Power - Sun 4pm

In this workshop SarahSpiritual teaches the importance of our words and how to shift our world with Decrees. You'll learn ways to structure your everyday conversations to create high vibration experiences. You will also receive powerful Decrees to use daily to manifest your desires. Create a stronger connection to Spirit and the Ascended Masters, manifest love, health and prosperity plus guard against low vibration entities. Speak The Way of the Masters! SarahSpiritual is a teacher, spiritual advisor, medium and designer of a custom line of spiritual products: mists, oils, incense and transformational baths. Visit

Shari Hess

There is a new crisis in our food supply that is affecting the health of our guts. Find out what the World Health Organization, The European Union, and The State of California has ruled as being toxic and a known carcinogen which happens to be in 75-80% of our food. If you or a loved one suffer from any of the following symptoms, the health of your gut could be compromised: chronic fatigue,joint pain,difficulty losing weight,headaches,diarrhea,IBS,brain fog,lack of energy,depression,leaky gut syndrome,acid reflux,constipation,rheumatoid arthritis,

Sharon Lynn Wyeth

 Know Your Name; Know the Genius in You

In this fun and exciting program, you will gain the power to access others’ personalities and motivations quickly by grasping the gifts and challenges hidden within their names. Plus, when you apply this powerful information, you will make better decisions by knowing yourself better. By giving you the ability to instantly interpret the letters in a name, you’ll know what to expect and how to work with people for the benefit of all. Knowing the unique meaning and valuable insights locked in a name will give you the ability to better relate with anyone at any time!


Vic Munoz

One Word To Change Our World  Yoga Class-sat & sun 10am

Join us on this sweet journey through asana, meditation, chanting, breathwork, sound bathing and and conscious use of the power of the word, to experience identifying with your divine source, aligning with your true identity, and awakening to your creative power. Learn how one word has the power to change your world, inner and outer.  

Will I Am Ankuphara

Break the Matrix-sat 3pm

Experience a new level of spiritual transformation with Will I AM (Ankuphara Melchizedek), founder of the Yotolon Mystery School as he decodes the matrix of illusion to reveal humanities highest potentials.  Explore a dynamic lecture covering a wide range of metaphysical topics pertaining to the multidimensional nature reality and consciousness.  Utilize ageless wisdom to transcend the karmic distortions of negative social programing and activate your ability to succeed current challenges.